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Reasons Why You Should Choose A Sports Bra When You Exercise

If you’re living an active lifestyle, you’ll know the necessity of a good sports bra. But they’re more than just a fashion and glamour to accompany your workout. Sports bras are medically proven to elevate your performance whether you’re playing a sport or simply putting in a good workout at the gym. The fit should be unparalleled to anything you’ve ever worn before, as being tighter than an everyday bra, but not so tight that you cannot take in a deep breath. You’ll feel supported, centred and confident all while sweating like it’s going out of style. Wearing a sports bra each time you exercise can protect your body from long-term muscular pain and improve your performance.

The Low, Medium and High Impact Difference

Let’s dive into the specifics of activity and sports bra type. To begin with, there are three different sports bra categories. Low impact, medium impact and high impact. The word “impact” sounds aggressive, but for any woman who has gone running in a poorly constructed sports bra, “impact” is only one way to describe it. The different names relate to the impact or level of activity you are planning to participate in. If you exercise at a few different impact levels, then we recommend equipping yourself properly for all of your indoor and outdoor workout routines at each level. Here are some activities associated with each impact level:

  1. Low – walking, yoga, strength training, tai chi,
  2. Medium – hiking, flat road cycling, skiing, power walking, elliptical training
  3. High – Running, mountain biking, aerobics, dance

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Here some reasons why you should choose a sports bra next time you exercise.
  1. 1. Support
    With the right support, you can maintain the integrity of the breast wall while you exercise. The breast wall affects the overall shape of your breast, and intense movement, while you’re exercising, can cause damage such as the stretching and even tearing of important ligaments surrounding your bust. Much of this damage can have lasting effects such as drooping and sagging breasts. Wearing an appropriate sports bra can prevent this kind of damage from occurring early on in life.

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    2. M
    inimise Movement
    A sports bras job is simple when you think about it: minimize breast movement. The minimization of movement comes about through encapsulation and compression. Not only can excessive movement cause long-term damage, it can also be very uncomfortable while you’re exercising not to mention inconvenient! Sports bras are a popular choice among active women as they minimize breast movement, holding everything in its right place without squashing them.

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    3. Regulate Temperature
    In recent years there have been many technological advancements in sports bras, meaning that their fabrics can now be designed to wick away sweat and increase airflow to your skin which keeps you cool and dry as you exercise. Do your breasts tend to sweat an uncomfortable amount? If so, go with a wicking bra, they move moisture away from you and dry faster.
    This kind of Sports Bra (the photo below) is a medium impact sports bra perfect for performance training and is designed to provide medium support. The soft stretch fabric has sweat-wicking capabilities that guarantee a dry, comfortable workout.

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    4. Storage
    Yes, believe it or not, some sports bras even hold small items such as your keys or mp3 player, eliminating the need to carry or wear a bag while you’re out running. Simply store the essentials in your sports bra and exercise to your heart’s content.

    5. Comfort
    As sports bras are designed more for function than fashion, it stands to reason that they’re more comfortable than bras designed to flatter. Discomfort should not exist: no chafing or pinching and you should be able to breathe comfortably. They offer increased coverage, wider straps, and distribute the breast tissue more evenly overall.

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    Underwire or no underwire: if you’re larger than a D cup, underwire is your friend. Without underwires, sports bras offer you greater flexibility of movement (while keeping your breasts supported) and minimize unpleasant effects such as chafing or rubbing.

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