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Here's Some Reason Why Bodysuits Are Basics!

These days, bodysuits are part of the streetwear. In the past years, wearing innerwear as outerwear was a little bit shocking.  Lately, we've gotten questions about the best way to wear a bodysuit, so here's a run-down of bodysuit basics for all: 

Bodysuits are smooth and glossy. There’s no bunching up of shirts or worry about tucking anything in, so they guarantee a smooth and slimming look that in some cuts is reinforced with support panels. Bodysuits are practical yet sexy, solid yet sassy, and can be dressed up or down. And the extra bonus: Bodysuit is perfect for layering. Try this (the photo below)one of our best seller bodysuit collection.
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Inner or outerwear
Bodysuits can be worn underneath your clothes or as sexy peek-a-boo outerwear worn under a sheer blouse. There's a super interesting story behind innerwear as outerwear. A beautiful bodysuit worn on its own under a blazer or with jeans will forever remain a fashion, as will a semi-sheer blouse worn over a gorgeous bra. 
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Variety and versatility
High or low-cut, thong or bikini, bodysuits come in any number of derrière-pleasing cuts. In addition to being worn as innerwear or outerwear, they can also double up as a sultry old-fashioned teddy. (Yes, we still love that word.)As they come in a variety of fabrics, from sheer to opaque, and from lace to body-hugging stretch microfiber.
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Bottom line: Bodysuits are so extraordinary that you might be tempted to wear nothing but them (like this lovely Elegant Black Mesh Bodysuit the photo above) which is a sensational implicit bodysuit.T o which we would add: Why not? 

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