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Acupuncture Cobblestone Colorful Foot Reflexology Device

Acupuncture Cobblestone Colorful Foot Reflexology Device

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An Amazing Device To Maintain Your Healthy Lifestyle, To The People Of Advanced Age Or Those Who Always Sit For A Long Time.
Get Yours Today And See For Yourself!

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Material: ABS
Brand Name: KONGDY
Size: Medium
Application: Foot
Size: 34.5x34.5 CM
Item: Reflexology Walk Stone
Quantity: 1 Piece

Features of the product:
1. Making of PP special plastic. healthy foot-massage mat has the feature of high rigidity and wear-resistant.
2. It is easy to use without the limit of places; you can move it any time and use it wherever inside or outside.

Who needs to use?
1. Middle-age and old people.
2. Those people sitting to work and study for a long time.

Because of the special requirements of their work or study, they need to work in the same position for a long time with little movement. All these would make them easy to nervous in mind, have a bad memory. By using healthy foot -massage mat, the above diseases can be removed or lighten greatly, you can have a better healthy effect if you can insist on using for a long period.

1. Not fit for those people has the symptom of hemorrhage to use during the period.
Such as hemoptysis, hemorrhage, have blood in their stool, hemorrhage from stomach and intestine from the womb, viscera etc.
2. Not fit for women at the period of menstruation and pregnancy.
3. Not fit for patients at the moving period of phthisis, patients at the unsteady state of acute myocardial infarction, patients with serious kidney failure or serious heart failure.
4. Please ask for the doctor's advice for other serious illness.


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