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Three-Step Guide To Have An Ideal Sports Bra

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Just like the perfect pair of outfit can make a date night feel more fabulous and the perfect boots are extremely important to staying warm in the winter, the perfect sports bra is key to a comfortable workout.

A sports bra that fits well not only protects your breasts from damage during the workout by preventing a lot of movement, but it also can prevent it from affecting you any uneasiness relating to sweating and chafing. Of course, sports active woman love to find that sports bra that fits perfectly and gives sufficient support and separation. But it’s not such an easy task.

Here is the simple three-step guide to find your ideal sports bra.

Step 1: Know your size

It’s absolutely important that you wear the correct size sports bra to ensure that it not only stays in place but also gives enough support for your breasts. You subject your bust to a lot more movement during the workout. As such, support is even more critical — the more strain your breasts experience from movement, the more likely the Cooper’s ligaments (which keep them looking firm and perky) are to stretch out more quickly.

So before you go on a search for your perfect sports bra, make sure to get fitted. The band is responsible for offering the majority of the support, and keep in mind that it should fit very snugly on a sports bra and it should still be as tight as possible. Be sure that it feels snug on the loosest hook. That way, as it gradually stretches out due to wearing and washing it, you can simply fasten it on a tighter setting, and you’ll get more use out of the bra.

Step 2: Type of workout

You’ll definitely need to consider the type of workout you’ll be using your bra for.

Sports bras are generally broken down into three categories that line up with corresponding types of exercise: Low-impact, medium-impact, and high-impact.              
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Low impact sports bras 
Low impact sports bras are designed for activities during which your feet are not making a lot of forceful contact with the ground such as yoga and Pilates. These are workouts that don’t subject your boobs to a whole lot of bouncing.
For low-impact sports bras tend to be more lightweight, often without underwire and separated cups (like the above photo).

Medium-impact sports bras 
Medium-impact sports bras fall somewhere in between and are great options for strength training, cycling, hiking, etc. They may or may not have wire and will be slightly less structured as a high-impact sports bra, but different from what is usual, medium-impact sports bras are have separated cups.

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High-impact sports bras
High-impact sports bras, on the other hand, are constructed to work for activities like running and aerobics. In order to protect your breasts during extreme cardio workouts, high-impact sports bras usually combine encapsulation and compression technologies to both separate your boobs into individual cups while also holding them closer to the torso. This kind of bras (like the picture above) frequently to have wider straps and underbands, mesh inserts or other features for maximum breathability, and an overall athletic construction. 

Step 3: Know your priorities

You need to know yourself about what’s most important to you in a sports bra. Then you’ll likely want to look out for a sports bra made of moisture-wicking materials. You have to choose for sports bras that have some lift and shaping capabilities,  a sports bra that has adjustable straps and an adjustable band to ensure you can achieve the best fit and most support possible. (Tap the image above for more sports bra collection). Know your priorities and keep them all in mind while shopping for sports bras.

You’re now closer to finding your dream sports bra. And don’t forget that comfort is the most important factor when it comes to buying this workout essential — after all, your undergarments should be making a sweat session easier, not harder.

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